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I welcome you to read on…research, explore, dive deep—to your satisfaction. I’m invested in your highest state of health and well-being—here to assist in all ways possible. Reach out when you’re ready, inspired and feeling alignment—or simply have a question. I have answers!

Nina Price

Alchemist & Healer
Wellness Coach


Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers

February 20–24 // 2023


What Can I Help You With?

Reduce Stress

From headaches, body aches and sleep issues, to anxiety and depression, I show you how to alleviate the symptoms and address the underlying causes.

Balance Hormones

From menstrual cramps to menopausal symptoms, I teach women strategies that help them to feel their most amazing selves—at all ages.

Improve Health & Wellness

From common colds, coughs and flus, to injuries and chronic illnesses, I offer simple treatment plans and
non-pharmaceutical solutions.


4-Week Program
What I do

Customized Wellness Programs Created with Love

I will customize a 3, 6 or 12-month program for you, depending on your needs. After your initial wellness consultation, we determine next steps, and what the path will look like…each plan is detailed out based on your specific needs and looks like no other person’s path.

You have the option of a traditional personal plan or a group coaching plan. I will review what these options look like when we meet up, and what commitment is involved from you, from a time, focus and financial perspective—all questions will be answered!



First-time Wellness Consultation

When we meet for the first time, I set aside 90 minutes to get to know you. You’ll have submitted a pre-meeting questionnaire. We will review all your challenges and needs, in detail…

Hormone Balancing Consultation

Much like a regular consultation, we set aside 60 minutes by phone/Zoom or in-person to review your specific hormone situation and determine what steps need to be taken next….

Your Custom 2022 Wellness Program

I will customize a 3, 6 or 12-month program for you, depending on your needs. After your initial consult, we determine next steps, and what the path will look like…

Group Coaching Programs

Each quarter I’ll offer a new themed group coaching program. You’ll get a monthly consult with me via Zoom or in person where we’ll set goals and evaluate your progress….

Acupuncture or Bodywork Session

Once your wellness path has been determined, you’re welcome to schedule a session as you need to. Click below to select a 60, 90 or 120-minute session.

Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers

In this 4-week group coaching program, you’ll learn how to use and trust your intuition so you can confidently make decisions about…

Three Differences About Nina

When I treat you there are three significant things that are different than other practitioners you see.

1  » When I treat you it is all about hands on healing.

2  » I will recommend medicines that you can take along with your treatments that won’t have lots of side effects.

3  » I will also recommend practical strategies that you can employ so that you can be in charge of your health and wellness.

My goal is that you feel like you are “back in the driver’s seat” and not feeling controlled by what’s happening in your body or your life.

Read more on the ABOUT page, where I review the details of each of these three differentiators of my wellness approach.


How It Works


1. Chat With Nina

Set a time to have a Zoom or in-person consultation, to review your wellness challenges and any pressing needs. Book a consult by clicking below.

2. Diagnose Your Situation

Upon completing your wellness consultation, Nina will diagnose your issue. Your participation is essential in this process. You will be put 'in the driver’s seat'.


3. Create a Treatment Plan

Nina will review your needs and create a custom treatment plan for you. You can choose from a traditional 1:1 approach or a group program, offering more support and cost-effectiveness.

Hands-on Healing Works

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FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT AT ANY TIME. I look forward to connecting with you, and helping you forward with your wellness journey. These challenging times deserve the very best attention, focus and application of a mindful plan.

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