My Offerings


Wellness Consultations

Whether you’re a first time patient, a repeat client needing to discuss hormones, stress or body aches and pains, I treat my consultation with you in the same manner. You get my full attention for 30, 60 or 90-minutes, whether by phone, on Zoom, or in person. I cater to your needs.

I will send a questionnaire ahead of time, after you book your time-slot, to be filled out and submitted. This will help me assess your situation. During our time together, we will review your needs and come up with a comprehensive workable plan for your wellness.

I offer a few convenient fee plan options, and will review these with you. You may select what option works best for you.

Customized Wellness Plan

If you would like a comprehensive wellness plan that you can follow for the next year ahead, I have your back (literally)! We’ll start with an in-depth consultation, which will include reviewing the plan stages. These will connect mind, body and spirit—an approach which reflects your whole person, with all its complexities.

I will recommend what you need, which can include various treatment types, phone, Zoom and in-person discussions, and a plan for supportive supplements and herbs. We’ll talk about different strategies you can employ so that you get to be in the driver’s seat and feel the power of being behind the wheel! During your year ahead, we will determine how many visits/sessions per month will be needed.

You may also choose to be part of one of my group programs, so that you’ll have additional support in achieving your wellness goals.


In a nutshell, acupuncture can treat anything that you wouldn’t go to the emergency room for. Here are a few more specifics, for those who like a bit more detail…

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that has been used for over 2,000 years. It involves the insertion of very fine, hair-thin, sterilized, disposable needles, into acupuncture points on the body. In Chinese Medicine, the body contains meridians, or pathways, that contain energy, or Qi. Qi is a vital life force that flows through our bodies. When our Qi is balanced and flowing smoothly we are in good health. When our Qi gets stuck or deficient, we may start to feel pain or tired. When Qi isn’t moving, or is moving in the wrong direction, or gets scattered, we notice physical and emotional problems in our bodies. To correct Qi imbalances, acupuncture needles are inserted to activate particular acupuncture points, based on the individual’s unique needs, to help the body to heal itself.

Acupuncture is also a wonderful preventative medicine, especially when used to boost immunity. If you’re feeling great, acupuncture can be used to keep your body healthy and strong.

The following is a broad list of symptoms and situations that I often address during an acupuncture session.





coughs, cold, flu

digestive issues



emotional and
stress-related issues




sleep issues





women’s issues


hormone imbalances

menopause symptoms

menstrual irregularity


painful periods

urinary tract infections




arthritis/joint pain

back pain

neck pain

shoulder pain







I offer several types of bodywork. If your wellness plan calls a for a hands-on solution such as massage, I offer the following // Traditional Swedish style, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Tui Na, Craniosacral, or a combination of body treatments, where I customize my approach to your specific needs.

If you would like to purchase a package of 5 or 10+ massages, I offer a discounted pricing schedule. Bodywork treatments can be scheduled for 60, 90 and 120-minute sessions.

Herbs & Supplements

Herbs and supplements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are part of many wellness solutions. I bring more than 10 years of expertise with TCM herbs and other types of supplements.

Herbal formulas, which you can think of as a “team” of herbs, work really well to solve most health issues. Whether you’re ill or simply want to boost your immunity, Chinese herbal formulas offer options that help you prevent illness, or heal quickly and without side effects. 

In past study, I have developed custom formulas with dried herbs that are weighed, teaching my clients to decoct into herbal teas. In practice, I find that herbal formulas in pill form (capsules or tablets) promote the best compliance and healing results.

In addition to herbal formulas, I recommend vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other useful supplements.

Group Coaching Programs

Each quarter I’ll offer a new themed group coaching program. You’ll get a monthly consult with me via Zoom or in-person, where we’ll set goals and evaluate your progress.

The coaching program will have its own private Facebook Group and I’ll offer daily information to support your goals and promote accountability. You can join for a quarter, and continue for as many quarters as you like.

This is a great way to achieve a specific health or fitness goal like losing some weight, training for an event, becoming more fit, or improving your “numbers”.

Online Classes

I will be introducing new online classes each quarter, to help clients build self-reliance and to teach relevant wellness strategies. Some are guided classes, with support materials and videos. Others are designed as longer programs. Check out the first few classes below. Sign up as you are inspired to do so. I look forward to connecting with you!


Check out my 5-Day Cleanse—Starting Soon!



The 5-day Wellness Challenge:
Instant Access to Immunity

Strong immunity is top of mind for most of us during this worldwide pandemic. I decided to give back to my community by teaching as many people as possible how to shore up and boost their immunity so that they can stay strong and healthy.

Please join me for 5 days that can change your life. Each day I’ll teach you simple and effective strategies for boosting immunity, and then have you try them out to see how they can benefit you, now and in the long run.

I’ll be there to cheer you on, support you, answer your questions and offer you prizes for completing all 5 parts of the challenge. You’ll even get a free 15-minute consult with me to review your progress and determine next steps for you.



Relieving Stress for Wellness

With stress being one of the biggest underlying silent killers we experience, it’s crucial that we learn how to manage our daily stress levels.

In this class you will learn how to identify your stress triggers, how to manage the stress you’ve acknowledged, and how to take action on creating a stress-free lifestyle. You’ll walk away with strategies for lessening stress, possible solutions for changing how you deal with these stressors, and next steps to guide you on your wellness path.


Learn How to Self-diagnose

I teach strategies that you can use to be your self-reliant badass goddess, sister-woman self. Whether you’re not feeling well, or just wanting to arm yourself with knowledge, my intention is to teach you how to figure out what’s going on, and navigate these situations with more ease and confidence.

In this class, you will learn how to listen to your body and follow a simple set of guidelines. These will point you towards the herbal supplement(s) that will aid in getting you back to living in the PINK!


FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT AT ANY TIME. I look forward to connecting with you, and helping you forward with your wellness journey. These challenging times deserve the very best attention, focus and application of a mindful plan.

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