5-Day Cleanse

JUNE 17–21, 2020


It’s time to stop sheltering and get the flow of your body moving—It’s time to CLEANSE!

…and I bet you’re ready!

You’ve been Sheltering in Place for the past few months and now we’re talking about making the transition back to a life we hope will be more familiar than the one we’ve lead this Spring.

As I’ve talked to you, you’ve been telling me that… 

»  You’re ready for things to return to what you remember as “normal”

»  You’re done with staying home

»  You’ve missed your friends, family members, and co-workers

»  You’ve missed working out the way you usually do; and you’ve put on a few pounds

»  You’re sick of worrying, sleeping poorly and feeling confined

»  You’ve wondered what this Spring’s adventure will mean for your work life, your business, your relationships, and your future… 

In short, you’re ready to “Push the Reset Button” on your life—clear out your caches, get everything reinitialized, restarted and ready to go back out into the world!

In my experience, the best way to do that, especially at the turn of the seasons, is to do a CLEANSE!

You may be wondering…

What’s a Cleanse?

A Cleanse is several days of eating lightly: salads, blended soups, smoothies, and fresh green juice to clear out your system:

»  You send your body on an eating vacation

»  Strengthen your immune system and your digestion

»  You ditch the toxins that have built up

»  You can even take off some pounds

»  Facilitate the return to a healthier version of you

»  Feel and even look younger


Why Do That? Because it Feels Great! It’s a Full-Body RE:SET!

I always feel fantastic after a cleanse. That’s why I do one every quarter. I get back in tune with my body and usually feel more intuitive as a result.

Each time I learn something new. I try new recipes, and new ways of preparing the food I eat. Doing so gets my creative juices flowing, and then I find myself having new ideas.

I also learn new things about myself. I learn better ways of taking care of myself and often get guidance as to what I need to do next in my life. It’s a time to go inward, clear things out and prepare for the season ahead.

You’ll get to try some delicious new recipes—I promise that they’ll be both easy to prepare and good for you.



“I love a great cleanse—it feels amazing!”




with Yourself and Other Humans

In addition to the health benefits, it’s a great way to go inwards and reconnect with yourself, your goals and aspirations. It’s a great way to give yourself some time to ponder what’s next for you.

You’ll have a chance to meet some new friends, and share your experiences during the cleanse.

Being isolated made all of us appreciate our friends. Connection to other people matters so much. After months of isolation, most of us are feeling very starved for friends and connection to others.

RE:JUVENATE Your Body and Your Outlook

As you push the re:set button on your body and re:connect with yourself and others, there’s a lightness that happens. You’ll remember that you still have plenty that you want to do and gain some clarity on what’s next for you.

The Cleanse Includes:

»  30 minute introductory class to set you up for success

»  Daily protocols for the entire cleanse

»  Delicious recipes to choose from

»  Options for cleanse intensity

»  Handouts to give you key information

»  List of supplies to assist you with the cleanse

»  Instructions for purchase of recommended supplements

»  Online support from Nina throughout the cleanse!

Early Bird Price » $27 

Be sure to sign up before June 12th to get the Early Bird pricing.

Price will increase on June 12.

It’ll be Fun and You’ll Feel Great—I promise!

Join me for fun, friendship and delicious food as we RE:SET, RE:CONNECT and RE:JUVENATE our bodies to prepare ourselves for this summer’s “new normal”.



I’m a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Even though it is thousands of years old, it is still very relevant to healing people today. TCM treats the whole person: body, mind and spirit. When I work with you I’m looking at everything that’s affecting you—the whole person. I’m looking for what’s out of balance, what’s stuck or in conflict. What’s at the root of why you’re not feeling well?

The key tenants of my practice to note… When I treat you, my approach and treatment are all about hands-on healing. I recommend medicines that you can take along with your treatments that won’t have lots of side effects. I recommend practical strategies that you can employ so that you can be in charge of your health and wellness. My goal is that you feel like you are “back in the driver’s seat” and not feeling controlled by what’s happening in your body or your life.

Here’s to your WELLNESS!

Nina Price

Licensed Acupuncturist
Wellness Coach
Master Herbalist